How to get back to running when you’re just not feelin’ it:

I haven’t written about it much … but for the past year
and a half or so I’ve been in a major rut.

A running rut.

You see, a couple years ago I reached some massive
running goals of mine within just a few months of each
other — qualifying for Boston and running my first

You’d think that from there, the sky would be the limit.

Instead, it’s been the opposite. The spark just wasn’t
there — it felt like even when I was getting my runs in,
I was just going through the motions.

There’s good news, though. For the first time since
all that started, I’ve started to love running again.

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose been in a slump
like this, so I figured it’d be helpful to explain how
I got out of the rut and came through smiling on the
other side:

If you’re in the place I was (especially with it being
winter, and all) I hope you find it helpful. 🙂


No Meat Athlete, PO Box 101, Forest Hill, MD 21050


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