Free #Webinar: Goldmines and Landmines in Mobile Marketing

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Free Webinar: Goldmines and Landmines in Mobile Marketing Logo_30_BlackBackground (4) 3

Wednesday April 3rd, 2013

1pm ET (10am PT)

Michael Ahearn Photo 2

Michael Ahearn is one of the co-founders of iLoop Mobile, now Archer, with nearly a decade’s experience working with top international brands in mobile marketing. A pioneer for mobile in the US and a frequent speaker on the conference circuit, he helps tier-one CPG, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Financial, and Media companies with strategic marketing and business operations in mobile. He is also a past Board of Directors member of the Mobile Marketing Association.


Fact: Mobile is not only “hot”, it is now mission critical to a company’s marketing and business operations. Mobile devices are the most ubiquitous and important communication tool for everyone, everywhere. Capable of fantastic business and marketing results, mobile can also be tricky. Poorly executed mobile campaigns can result in a bad experience for customers with little return on investment for the marketer. This presents two key questions. What are the landmines to be avoided, and what tactics and strategies present the greatest opportunities for success in mobile?

Join Michael Ahearn, VP of Customer Development & Marketing, as he outlines and illustrates the key strategies and tactics for meaningful engagement with customers that drive revenue. Michael will also discuss the most common landmines and “worst practices” that have cost companies money, customer satisfaction, and marketing success.



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