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Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
~James Baldwin

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After four years of community building, we’ve finally launched our first official fundraiser! Check the video below. Many thanks to the people who have already donated to the campaign!


Hello Red, Bike and Green Family,

Thank you for four awesome years of Red, Bike and Green! We’re looking forward to another great season of rides, and many more opportunities to rally the family around the health, wealth and environment of our black community. Over the past four years, our volunteer-run organization has grown to four chapters in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Oakland. This year we plan to deepen and expand our impact even more.

Red, Bike and Green has officially launched it’s first fundraiser to continue it’s work around community health and economic empowerment through cycling.

This first fundraiser would supportRed, Bike and Green in creating safe, and culturally relative recreational opportunities for black families, lessening our communities’ dependence on fossil fuels while encouraging black environmentalism, and supporting black wealth and entrepreneurship.

As a fellow rider, friend or ally of the black community, we know how important environmental justice, black economic empowerment and a healthy black community is to you. You can help by making a donation today to Red, Bike and Green!

The successes of the past 4 years would not be possible without the love and support of our community and fellow riders. Thank you to all the riders who organized and led rides, family who greeted new riders and made them feel welcome, and the folks who help to keep our rides safe and inclusive to all types of black cyclists. We would like to thank you for your previous support and encourage you to invest in Red, Bike and Green and invest in the health, economic vitality, and environment of your local black community.

Thank you for supporting the future of Red, Bike and Green.

Ride Safe,


P.S. To make a gift online, click here. Donations can also be sent in the mail to our fiscal sponsor East Bay Bicycle Coalition, PO Box 1736, Oakland, CA 94604. Thank you for your generosity!

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