Pancakes & Strawberries!


Pancake & Waffle Mix


A local pancake/waffle mix has been missing from our offerings for far too long, but the wait is over! Please & Thank You has whipped up the perfect mix with simple ingredients – local flour from Weisenberger Mill, organic sugar, kosher salt, baking powder, and baking soda.

To take them from mix to meal, you’ll need eggs, butter and buttermilk or milk. Obviously, you’re going to want some local maple syrup for these! And maybe some jam. And definitely some strawberries.


They’re here! The FIRST dirt-grown strawberries of the year are arriving this week! If you were with us last year, we’re sure you remember the amazing, juicy, and flavorful strawberries from VanMeter Family Farm. The VanMeters have been tending to the strawberries with care again this year, and they are now ready to be enjoyed by you.

Available by the pint and by the quart, these are perfect for snacking, salads, desserts, smoothies – and for freezing to enjoy through the year.

Grind’s Vegan Burgers & Sausages


Grind Food Truck’s awesome veggie burgers and vegan sausages have been out of stock for a few weeks – but they’re back! These veggie burgers, made famous on their food truck, can be yours to enjoy at home. Each pack contains 2 frozen patties that are easy to prepare. We bet it’ll be the best veggie burger you’ve ever had!

Both the sausages and burgers are vegan, gluten free, and allergen free!

Vegan or not, if you like delicious food – you’ll want to give these a try

Meals Ideas for Next Week:


With your Produce Box:

This Week’s PastaButternut Squash Ravioli:

This Week’s Pastured Beef – Stir Fry Beef:

This Week’s Breakfast Meat – Sausage Links & Buttermilk Biscuits:

  • Enjoy the biscuits with one of our fabulous jams, or make a good ole Bacon, Egg, and Cheese breakfast sandwich.
  • Enjoy the sausage links served with fluffy morning pancakes and syrup!

Remember – order deadlines are at 8:00am Monday morning!!

Preview Next Week’s Food:

Click here! Seasonal, local food is always subject to change!

*All changes/additions to your order must be received by 8:00am Monday, the week of your delivery.

If you missed the deadline, email thefarmer and we’ll check to see if the item you want is in stock for late addition to your order.

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