5 principles of Likeonomics, 8 essential books to add to your word of mouth training, plus more from this week

Word of mouth marketing tips from authors Rohit Bhargava, Spike Jones, and Mitch Joel.
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The 8 essential word of mouth training books

We’re excited to share this list of some of our favorite books for teaching the fundamentals of word of mouth marketing from influential leaders who get it. Learn which books you should add to your employee curriculum.

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More Ideas from This Week:

Video: Rohit Bhargava on the five keys to being a business people trust, respect, and recommend

In this author discussion from our word of mouth conference, Rohit Bahrgava talks about his Amazon #1 best-selling book Likeonomics. He shares real-world examples of why being a business people connect with emotionally is profitable.

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Sometimes, the best content is given away

Group Director of Engagement at WCG and co-author of Brains on Fire, Spike Jones, shares his experience with giving away a video his team produced and the fantastic word of mouth it earned in the process.

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WOM Tip #198: Be an advocate for your customers

Are you using your company as a spotlight for your customers’ success? Learn how one phone system provider is earning their client’s loyalty and word of mouth by featuring them any way they can.

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Loyalty is not just about the data

Twist Image President and Six Pixels of Separation author Mitch Joel asks if companies are measuring loyalty the way it should be measured — the way that shows authentic human engagement and sentiment. Learn why he says true customer loyalty is not just a name on a spreadsheet.

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