Louisville Sustainability Forum — noon, Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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The Louisville Sustainability Forum
meets the first Wednesday of each month.

At the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center
The Barn behind St. Agnes · 1924 Newburg Road · Louisville, KY 40205
Please park in St. Agnes lot and follow the road behind the church to the barn.

Noon, Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Purposes of the Louisville Sustainability Forum

Hold and promote the intention of sustainability for Louisville.

Establish and nourish relationships that strengthen community and create change.

Create a space for discussion that inspires, motivates and deepens our ability to catalyze social change.

Coffee provided by
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Preparing extra food or drink to share with others is always welcome.

A thought

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

~Aldo Leopold

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Please join us each month for interesting and informative presentation, dialogue and networking about sustainability issues.

At each meeting there is one featured presentation and one or two shorter presentations, discussion, announcements, and opportunity for networking and building our community.

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Featured Presentation


Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light

Tim Darst, Executive Director

Through education, advocacy and action Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light works to mobilize a religious response to global warming and the social injustices it creates. Working primarily with faith communities KIPL offers proven programs designed to protect Kentucky’s land, air and water, safeguard public health, and ensure sufficient, sustainable energy for all.

KIPL’s programs include:

* Greening West Louisville (working with West Louisville houses of worship to care for creation by reducing carbon emissions)
* Glean Together! (organizing to keep fresh produce from becoming waste and getting it to people in need),
* Green Sheep (empowering and equipping leaders of creation care efforts within faith communities) and
* OurEarthNow (mobilizing youth working with youth to promote environmental awareness and positive change).

Shorter presentations

559.jpg Restoring Beargrass Creek, One Property at a Time

David Wicks, Get Outdoors Kentucky LLC Owner

The 61 square mile Beargrass watershed located in Metro Louisville is by all definitions a highly impacted urban watershed and stream. To clean up Beargrass from the years of neglect and abuse, both watershed wide improvements to Beargrass and individual property holdings must be transformed to be "good neighbors to the creek". David has taken on one such property that I believe is one of the worst offenders: The Vehicle Impoundment Lot.

561.jpgDedicated to YOU!
Dixon Romney, Owner

We support and encourage sustainability through vertical no-dirt gardening that recycles 100% of the water needed for the plants, uses 10% of the land of traditional gardening and produces roughly a 30% increase in yield per plant.

The Louisville Sustainability Forum is using the Green List Louisville Calendar for sharing event announcements.

Please use this link to post or find events:

Green List Louisville Calendar

Have an announcement? Please post it to the calendar.

Products, services and views presented are not necessarily endorsed by the Louisville Sustainability Forum. Any claims made are strictly those of the presenters or vendors.

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