Signs You’re Addicted to Sugar

Featured: Foods That Fight Stress
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Saturday, October 19, 2013
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Are You a Sugar Junkie?
Do you feel bad when you skip your daily cookie "fix"? You may have a problem. Get gentle tips to kick the habit.
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24 Winning Weight-Loss Tricks
Tips to End Yo-Yo Dieting
How to Activate Your Active Side
Stress Management Diet
Oatmeal to oranges, these foods may help thwart the physical effects of stress.
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Get a Handle on Belly Fat
Belly fat is more dangerous than other stored fat. How to flatten that rubber tire.
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Quick-Fix Southwestern Salad
This diet-friendly salad is packed with veggies, protein, and lots of flavor.
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Fiber: Eat This, Not That
Black beans or mashed potatoes? Raisin Bran or Corn Flakes? Best foods to choose.
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Truth About the Atkins Diet
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‘Craze’ Supplements: Like Meth?
Exercise May Boost Sperm Counts
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High-Fiber Super Foods
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• Get Moving
• Fat-Fighting Foods
• Better Dieting
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