52 Art Therapy Blogs You Do Not Want To Miss!

Very good article on Art Therapy with links to see awesome art.

Tools to live an Inspired Life- Stuart Cline

paint brushes

Stuartcline.com presents the 53 top Art Therapy Blogs. This blog is to share with you the 53 top art therapy blogs. I update this blog as I find more blogs that I find worthy of this list. I look for blogs that are creative, inspiring, and give value to other art therapists. I Also look for blogs and websites that provide free products, like video’s, e-books, demonstrations on art projects and me. If you have an art blog that you have created or know of and want my to take a look to include please email mail me. Check out this website on the link at the end of the blog for great resources for the creative mind, art therapist, or someone who wants some creative coaching. There are a lot of helpful resources that I have added here. I hope this add’s value to your life. My best, Stuart

The following blogs can offer general information about art…

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