Derby City CrossFIt – Snow Closure

d4042106-8117-4b79-b76b-91f8d64c5dff.gif 640a7ee0-db88-4905-a550-89e571c94697.png d4042106-8117-4b79-b76b-91f8d64c5dff.gif


DCCF, the sleet has begun, so we’ve decided to cancel classes for the remainder of Wednesday (3/4). We will keep you posted regarding cancellations tomorrow morning.

Coach Kara will post on the DCCF Social Page no later than 4:30am Thursday morning regarding class cancellations for Thursday. She will tag as many people as she can that she knows come to the 5:00am and 6:00am classes and will also do her best to message you. Also, if classes are canceled tomorrow morning, they will be canceled through the Noon class and reassessed for 4:30pm thru 7:30pm.

Please make sure and check there before you head to the gym! Be safe driving out there, everyone!

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