Humana Awards LUL $225,000 Toward Community Health Initiative


For Immediate Release
The Louisville Urban League Launches New Health Initiative
Humana Foundation Awards Louisville Urban League with $225,000 Toward Community Health Initiative
To: Community partners and supporters

From: Sadiqa Reynolds

RE: It Starts with Me

Earlier today the Humana Foundation announced it has awarded a $225,000 grant to the Louisville Urban League to help West Louisville residents connect with community resources and programs needed to improve health outcomes. Called "It Starts With Me!" this initiative represents a proactive, community-wide, approach to health in West Louisville. ‘It starts with me!’ is more than weight loss or diabetes prevention-it’s about connecting resources to those who need it most.

"It Starts With Me!" will address both physical and mental health needs and will track individual and family health through monitoring physical activity and emergency room visits, measuring BMI and weight, and ensuring regular participation in support groups. Additionally, staff will:

  • Assist individuals and families in securing health insurance and navigating Medicaid or Medicare
  • Connect children to safe, quality after-school activities
  • Refer family members to health education and health skills classes at local organizations
  • Educate families and individuals on free and accessible physical activities, such as walking groups
  • Connect individuals and families to fresh, healthy, and affordable food

Because of the Urban League’s mission and the programs we offer, we are uniquely positioned to provide a holistic approach and this grant will help us by focusing on health. Here, at the League, we believe a sincere focus on improving access to jobs, justice, education, health and housing will move the needle for the community we serve
The Humana Foundation recognizes that one barrier to better health is awareness of and connection to resources, which are often available for low or no cost. The League is thankful to have the support of the Humana Foundation and we appreciate the leadership they are providing.

If you would like to learn more about "It Starts With Me!" I invite you to visit lpryor.

Thank you for your on-going support of the Louisville Urban League and for our mission of being a catalyst for change.

About Louisville Urban League
T.pngThe Louisville Urban League is committed to being an active partner, leader and catalyst in assisting African Americans, other minority groups and the disadvantaged attain social and economic equality and stability through direct services and advocacy. For more information, join the Rock Against Racism event at

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Louisville Urban League, 1535 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203

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